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      Taixing Yuhang Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 (formerly Taixing new era electric connector factory), located in Taixing city of Jiangsu province river lost High-tech Development Zone, is a professional production of various specifications of military electrical connector designated enterprise, in 2004 February the people's Liberation Army Chinese assembly Preparation Department of Nanjing Military Representative Office in Yangzhou area under the jurisdiction of the military the company in November of the same year, the new era of the system of quality certification center GB/T19001-2000 certification, GJB9001A-2001 certification; in 2005 9 menstrual China Shipbuilding Corporation, has become China shipbuilding industry joint venture in November 200, my company "hang" brand connector audit by the Taizhou Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, "hang" trademark for the product Taizhou city famous trademark in Taizhou city; included in the standard association. The company has passed GJBS0018-2001 weapons and equipment quality certification system certification (number 10JA2538), confidentiality certification, has been for aviation, aerospace, marine equipment, communications, weapons and other military enterprises, military academies, military scientific research institutions and other key national defense projects. Enterprises have become the 100 enterprises in Taizhou city. Jiangsu province hi tech enterprises, private scientific and technological enterprises in Jiangsu province. Aerospace electronics brands, we sincerely welcome friends from all circles to visit the guidance!!

      Company legal representative: Huang Guibao
      Company's address: Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, city, Huang Dong Road, No. 98
      Contact phone: 0523-87338616 0523-87920688
      Fax: 0523-87338551; zip code: 225400
      E-mail: txyhl_com@163.com company home: http://www.azuzboutique.com


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